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We want to build a new kind of church.


A church that does Christianity 24/7  Where the saints. . . its members. . .the ministers of the church. . .  aren’t about just coming to church on Sunday, but are about being the hands and feet of Jesus. . . on Monday. . on Tuesday. . . on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. To become His caring heart expressed to the community all week long.  A church whose members are Christians not just for what Jesus does for them, but for what they get to do for Jesus. Whose heart is not just to be impacted by Christ. . but who long to impact others FOR Christ. Where Sunday is simply a joyous celebration of the things Jesus has done in them and through them throughout their week. A church where the pursuit of God is fun. .  so fun that the unchurched enjoy going there and return until they are the unchurched no longer. That the unsaved feel welcomed there and come back until they are the unsaved no longer. .  Where those who come find acceptance and friendship. Whose children are blessed they came and beg to come back. This doesn’t happen simply because a church wishes it would. It happens because the members become very intentional about making it happen. This is our goal! This is His church!


We are real servants who can work together to  help build a framework that other saints - other ministers - other ambassadors for Jesus - can serve within and work shoulder to shoulder with their friends to change their communities in a positive, life giving way. To think this doesn’t involve hard work is naïve. But it is work with reward. It is treasures in heaven. It is blessings on earth. It is Jesus saying “Well done good and faithful servant.”



If any of this sounds like what you dream and you aren’t already connected to a church, then come and help us build this church. Come and be a part of something new. Come and join together with like-minded saints who love Jesus and want with their entire being to bring glory to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords




Oh. . and another thing. . our church, like our name, begins and ends with the cross!


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