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Seek First His Kingdom

This truth comes with a promise. ‘Seek first His kingdom and all the rest will get taken care of.’ I can testify to you that this promise works. There have been times I tried to rationalize a shift in priorities to make my priorities or my family's priorities paramount, and the promise fell apart. Only when I apply this truth does the promise come into effect.

Seek first His kingdom means you prioritize His kingdom over all else. Deep, huh? Most people would go, “Duh! Of course it means that!“.  Strangely though, most people know what it means intellectually way more than they realize what it means in application. I have talked to many who seem to miss how to work that truth out in their life. You see it is not to the one who knows the truth that the promises are  given but to the doer. James says not the “forgetful hearer” but the “effective doer.” Effectiveness in life is wrapped up in the doing, not the hearing or knowing.

So how does one actually apply that truth to their life? It’s in the decision making process of your life. When you plan, do you plan kingdom around your life or your life around the kingdom?

  • i.e. your kids have school activities and some of the available activities have been scheduled to conflict with your involvement in your local church family. In the conflict, what do you give the highest priority?

  • You are offered a high paying job that will require you to work during times you could be ministering or being ministered to in the Kingdom. You have misspent your money and are now in debt. Do you opt for the Kingdom or debt reduction?

  • An opportunity comes up to go to see a favorite musician at a concert with friends, but you have made a commitment to teach, preach or serve in the church. Which do you give up?

  • A family birthday falls on a day you would normally be serving or attending your local church. You are faced with the conflict of schedule. Do you celebrate the birthday with the family and skip the kingdom obligation rationalizing that, after all, family is important, or do you work the celebration into a different time to make way for the kingdom?

  • The Lord tells you to help out someone with your resources, which are limited and Christmas is coming. Do you opt for debt reduction, buy Christmas presents, or give the offering? (we will assume you are mature enough to tithe. This would be an offering.)

As you watched how you made those decision, was the kingdom always first? If not, then you have misaligned your priorities to make His kingdom secondary in those areas. Truth be told, Jesus actually expects His disciples to ALWAYS make the kingdom first. A kingdom minded Christian, when it is in their frame of control, will always plan vacations, holidays, jobs, commitments, family activities, as secondary to the Lord’s kingdom. That is how you “Seek first His kingdom” in application.

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